Tire Inventory:

Courtesy Tire maintains an inventory of 200-300 used tires for sale, most of which have 75% tread or more left on them. We also have started saving some with lesser tread for the more budget-conscious buyer.

We also have several new tires,previously mounted on rims for use as full-size spares that were never used (and so never hit the ground).

We do try to maintain as many matched pairs as we can in various sizes, but that inventory varies day-to-day, week-to-week, etc.

We occasionally have complete sets of four, but these are few and far between and are usually advertised on Craigslist. Please call with your individual needs. We should be able to quickly determine whether or not we can meet your need if you can provide your specific tire size such as P225/60/R16 or LT265/75/16 (These sizes can be obtained from the side of your existing tire or from the manufacturer’s label usually found on the driver’s door or in the door jamb of your vehicle). Unfortunately, appropriate tire size cannot be determined merely from the year, make and model of a vehicle because these days, there are so many tire/wheel and trim package variations available to individualize modern vehicles that otherwise all look alike ☺).


Tire Pricing:

Our prices start at $20.00 for a small single tire and can go up to $80.00 for a nearly new 16″ or 17″ truck tire or a nearly new performance tire.

However, with tires now ranging up to 24 inches and selling up to $300 new, on rare occasions our tires can go dramatically higher.  (You can generally figure you will save about 50% buying one of our tires over a comparable new tire.)


Accepted Forms of Payment:

We accept cash, your good check, and credit/debit cards.


Contact Information:

Please call us at 1-218-232-0224.


Thanks for your interest in Courtesy Tire!